Gold Digger

Nope this isn’t a blog post about Heather Mills.
This is about one of the new stories of today:

Cherie Blair has “let it slip” in her autobiography that her husband has been giving tips to Gordon Brown on how to win an election. Let’s be honest was the whole scenario really that unexpected? Blair was PM for ten years so I would expect some liaising behind the scenes both prior to Brown becoming PM and even in the months afterwards.

This is not the first little book of Cherie’s, she wrote another one about being the wife of the PM which was published a few years ago when her husband still held that job. While it might be acceptable and in our culture almost expected for a footballer’s WAG like Coleen McLoughlin to seek fame, fortune and a column in Grazia off the back of her partner’s success, “commericalising” politics in this way however, particularly writing when your spouse is still running the country is wrong and cheap.

Some feminist academics and such would no doubt say that Ms Booth receives so much stick from the press because she is being punished for being a successful career woman, who when her husband was PM was the highest earner of the two. I think she is a target for the press because she is finance minded (read money grabbing) and ruthless (anyone else remember the press reports about her charging a few grand to give a speech at a fundraiser for childhood leukemia and the charity ended up out of pocket because they made less money than what she charged them for her speech).

However perhaps I’ve got it massively wrong about Booth, maybe by sharing this information with the public rather than trying to promote her own book she’s hopeful that it will have some sort of reverse physchology effect on us all, maybe the popularity of Brown’s government will suddenly turn around when we all remember low moments of popularity in the polls when her husband was in power…


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