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March 23, 2009 at 10:28 pm 1 comment

Whilst looking for work on the Jobcentre Plus website, I perhaps over-optimistically ran a search for “media and creative” jobs in the UK, hoping to find an advert presumably for an ” inexperienced, third-rate writer who can ramble on aimlessly about matters of little to no importance”. Unfortunately for me I didn’t come across any jobs like that, I did however notice this advert which stuck out amongst the other search results.

Yep, the government-run website for us scummy job-seekers is now looking for people to work in the sex industry, or at the very least skirt round the outside of it. I know it’s not illegal to advertise for someone to provide “adult webcam entertainment” and the pay isn’t actually too bad- employers here are only offering minimum wage but expecting at least one year’s experience for low level admin jobs, but it seems very strange to me that the government who have upped the school leaving age to 18 and placed such an emphasis on “eduation, education, education” (allbeit making tuition fees astronomical) in order for us to supposedly have more opportunities are now so keen to see people in employment that anything will do.

Would this have been advertised on the website a year ago? or are they hoping that some poor, recently unemployed sod will opt for a new career path?


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More trouble at the Beeb this week

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  • 1. Dan  |  May 22, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    I found it funny that you have to ring up the Jobcentre to be provided details of it. Why don’t they just supply you details there and then?

    Sounds like a good opportunity for those really struggling, first struggling on the low amount of money, those who are constantly threatened to be kicked of benefits and those who are stick on a New Deal course for 30 hours a week doing nothing other then browse the Jobcentre website every 30 minutes looking at the same jobs over and over again.

    Not sure if you have ever experienced being on such a course but an example is a place called Dencora House: I hope you find the link interesting.


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