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sometimes I can’t help but think that the British justice system is a joke; my casing point being the case of three young men who raped a vulnerable 16 year old girl and then doused her with caustic soda, causing permanent scarring and pain, in a sick and disgusting bid to get rid of the DNA evidence.  See here . I almost don’t know why they bothered-rape conviction rates are notoriously low and prison sentences for this crime are often shockingly short.

Over the last three years my course taught me the seemingly obvious idea that not everything in the world is as black and white as the poor excuses for certain newspapers would have their readership believe- not everyone in prison is “bad”, many have just been victims of “social exclusion” in the sense that they may have been affected by poverty, not had the opportunities or access to certain services like education, housing and health care, that many of us take for granted. That is not to say that these people should bear no responsibility for the decisions that they have made but it does perhaps give an indication of the reason they have gone down the “wrong” paths.

However the abhorent scum mentioned earlier do not fall into this category, I am truly at a loss as to how they will ever again fit into society as “normal” human beings.  It was an act of premeditated evil and I find it puzzling as to why they only received prison sentences of between six and nine years (which as most people know means a mere four and six)…which brings me on to Karen Matthews, mother of Shannon who went missing in a fake kidnapping scam.

On being found guilty, the judge described her as “Pure evil”, is that not a bit strong? Sure, she wasted hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax payers money, faked crying over her kid when she knew where she was all along… but “pure evil”? Shouldn’t that be reserved for people… a bit more…well…evil? Such as murderers for instance, people who kill in cold blood? Yes, she is despicable for using her daughter in this way and she certainly is not the brightest button in the drawer to even think she could get away with this, but who’s to say that if she did manage to claim the £50 000 she might have spent some of it on her seven kids?

Am I the only one who thinks it is a bit strange that we live in a country where rapists convicted of GBH get near enough the same prison sentence  (six to nine years) as a very stupid woman (eight years) copying a scam from channel four’s Shameless? Or where someone with no driving licence or insurance can run over a young child and leave him for dead and only get 300 hours community service.?


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